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Pet Walking Goals!

Melissa Gabelo

Walking with your canine best buddy is the perfect opportunity to build a strong bond and the best relationship between you two. In this way, your pet also increases feeling of comfort that can greatly impact their sociability with the other people. This is why I always recommend this activity to all pet lovers, not only for our health (as studies show) but for the our pets as well. Walking, grooming and bonding with them prevents loneliness and depression.  I especially like a place with a beautiful setting and plenty of spots to enjoy with my dog “Mishka”. It’s one of American national parks and located in Hot Springs, Arizona, called the “Hot Springs National Park”.

It is well known because of its uniqueness and steaming water that seeps from the west slope of Hot Spring Mountain where you can definitely feel the presence of the hot spring along the way while walking with your pet. As I’ve said earlier this place is pet-friendly because there’s a mile of trails flanking the city and while walking, your beloved pet will surely enjoy as well because there are lots of things to sniff around in every bend! But having a dog or other pets comes with responsibilities as well. Many parks around the country allow pet walking but with minor restrictions such as ‘making sure that your pets are leashed while walking’ policies. Well, that is why I never leave my Retractable Dog Leash at home. Always handy and easy to store, perfect for my ‘baby’ buddy!

Having a walk with “
Mishka” on a beautiful place like in Hot Springs National Park gave a positive impact to my mind and body thanks to the beautiful environment nature has offered. I and my dog Mishka have experienced the feelings of being refreshed by nothing more than earth’s wonderful sceneries! Socializing are also vital for your pets, because the more they got exposed to other animals, the better. I am happy to share that I’ve achieved the first part of my goal, that is having a lifelong companionship and unconditional love with my dear pet. I’m sure other pet owners will agree to this.Another benefit of walking with our beloved pet is the opportunity to escalate exercise which may help you reach your goal of having a fit and healthy body. As we know it regular walk is vital for us to improve our cardiovascular health. Not only for us but for our pets too especially because no one likes to see their canine friend get bulge for being obese. Why? Studies shows that
dogs that are over nourished, lack the ability to exercise, or that have a tendency to retain weight are the most at risk for becoming obese. As a pet owner, walking running with my dog twice a week have also established us a friendship wherein I completely got his trust and it also helped me to train him more smoothly. And speaking of training, we all know dogs are not fond of taking baths, right? Well not on my part anymore, my dog loves taking his baths, I think he likes the way I groom him with my Hair Removal Grooming Glove.  It’s fascinating how he always stays calm whenever I used this tool on him!

Why not share your experiences with us too? I’ll be happy to hear from your adventures with your canine buddies! See you next time!

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