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Running like Royalty…

Melissa Gabelo

We all know that running is a great way of shaping our body. It can improve your health and might lose you some extra pounds. Having fun while gaining some benefits contributes to the reasons why we should often do it.

I must say that the best place to run should have features of healthy nature. I’ve known one place and it is called the Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens which is popular because it covers the route to the palace of the British Royal Family. Running here will give you an invigorating feeling because of the green scenery which determines a healthy nature that it has to offer. And what will make it more excited than having your canine buddy with you? It is absolutely fun and good for your health, not to mention the closeness and happiness you will gain from your favorite pet! But I warn you not to get too excited in releasing your pets since there are many well maintained bushes and flowering plants nearby. So I suggest you use the 3-meter Retractable Dog Leash to ensure that you can retract your pet back to you any time.

The Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are seamlessly a conjoined neighbor. First is the Hyde Park which is located at the east and known as the largest of the four Royal Park in central London. It’s even more likely good running this place in the morning because you can jog or run like a royalty knowing that you’re heading straight to Buckingham Palace.

This park is an area of huge green space of grass fields and semi-woodlands. As you run, enjoy the view of giant serpentines, rose garden, a lake, and many more.  This stunning scene makes you forget the tiresome run. This trail for running is not that extreme, but the opposite which is why you’re going to have that feeling of being relaxed while running.

Second is the Kensington Garden which is located on the west. Amongst these two parks, the Kensington Garden is more developed because it has plenty of beautiful attraction offer. This place has a more elegant ambiance compared to Hyde Park but still, they’re both the best spot for running. I can probably say that this park is well maintained with good features. In here you can smell the scent of the flower and hear the chirps of the birds as you run.

Parks like this are certainly interesting to run through because of the beauty of nature that can surely recover yourself from stress. Rather than that, you’ll have the opportunity to take a look at the statue of a well-respected person of the Royal Family and their palace as well. While running you can savor the experience and mesmerize the dome of history towards every area of Kensington.  Regardless of what way you’re going to run into, always put in mind that a positive place to run can overcome a negative feeling. Happy running!

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