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Find books and music by Lake Tahoe authors and musicians.


Meet DeeDee Boies

DeeDee lives at Lake Tahoe, Nevada and currently teaches meditation at For Goodness Sake (goodnesssake.org) in Truckee, California. She is happiest when outside pursuing her love of nature--hiking, fly fishing and photography. DeeDee prefers to do her work in the field, capturing images as she sees them. She does not manipulate the photos--they are the real deal!

Check out her book filled with thought-provoking sentiments and peaceful photographs of beautiful things.


Meet Jim Markle....Photographer

Jim lives at Lake Tahoe, working for Sierra Nevada College, and photographing beautiful things whenever he gets a chance. He has a passion for wildflowers and loves to hike and of course, always brings along his camera. He realized how many stunning photos of wildflowers he had so it occurred to him to make a poster out of them and here we are.



Meet Julian Forest....electronic musician

 And a sample of his music

Celestial Visions

Julian's CD is available for purchase....$20