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Jacquie Chandler aka Moonhair

Sustaining Tahoe – Is An Action

The best way to serve Lake Tahoe is to experience it up close and personal! This is the Experience Economy!  The Sustainable Tahoe community are developing  geotourism in the region by designing life-changing, memorable experiences in your playground (a.k.a. Lake Tahoe)!

Are You A .Com .Org or .Gov?

If you are a business committed to sustainability, a non-profit focused on education, or an agency seeking to protect…get the credit you deserve with exclusive opportunities included in the annual Tahoe Expo: a geotourism showcase of those who lead by example!

Jacquie Chandler is Executive Director and Founder of Sustainable Tahoe. She custom makes leather moccasins and Toastums and also offers these items in kit format so that you can make them yourself. Check it out!


Tahoe Toastums! Keep your Tootsies Toasty!

(short) Toastums: Sheepskin Slippers $150

Original design by JChandler. 
These handmade 3/4" thick authentic sheepskin fur with cow or elk sole put your feet into a blissful cushion of warmth and joy! The additional leather sole makes these indoor-outdoor slippers a show-stoppin treat for your feet. (not good in wet, icy weather)
Palomino (cream with cream soles)
Grey (with brown cream or chocolate soles)
W 6,7,8,9,10
M 8,9,10,11,12


(Tallstums) Barefoot Boots $225
Original design by JChandler
Free your feet and take an earth walk in these handmade 1/2" thick authentic sheepskin fur boots let you feel the (dry) terrain as you walk. Their cow or elk sole extends wear, but they will wear faster on cement than dirt, so keep them as indoor outdoor earth boots and your feet will love you for putting them into a blissful cushion of warmth and joy! (not good in wet, icy weather)
W 6,7,8,9,
M 8,9,10,11,12
Tobacco (with brown cream soles)
Chocolate (with brown soles)

JChandler, as well as creating her unique line of earth-experience footwear, is a co-founder, along with Mick Dodge, of The Earth Gym, a fitness practice that involves connecting with the earth, obtaining a workout in the great outdoors utilizing sticks and stones, gravity and fresh air, your own feet and hands. 

If you haven't yet viewed "The Legend of Mick Dodge", airing on the National Geographic Channel, see an excerpt of one episode below, and experience the power of The Earth Gym.