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7pc 2-5mm Round Hole Punch Set

7pc 2-5mm Round Hole Punch Set

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Durable tools made of premium material--high-carbon steel.

Round hollow punch set easy to use: place hole punch over area that needs a hole and hit back end with a hammer or mallet. Be sure to use a mat or piece of wood under the object as you work. It is ideal for leather working and making clean holes in tough materials such as gaskets, plastic, rubber and vinyl. Work on handbags, canvas, webbing and more.

Fluted for easy discharge of waste.
7 different sizes to suit most any job.
Provides uniform clean holes every time.
Spun and ground from solid stock not cast.
Hardened/heat treated for edges that stay knife-edged
No need to clean out each time, you can keep on punching without stopping.

It's best to use a medium density piece of wood or plastic as a backer.
Protect your work surface and extend the life of the tool.
Gently score a circle using the punch (twist clockwise and counter clockwise) --make sure this is where you want your hole
Hit the butt of the hole punch with a standard hammer.
Some materials will require a harder blow than others.
Very easy to use.

- Material: High-carbon steel.
- Hole Size: Approx. 2.0mm+2.5mm+3.0mm+3.5mm+4.0mm+4.5mm+5.0mm.

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