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A long run to reach a King’s Paradise . . .

Melissa Gabelo

Fashion Fanny Pack

We realize how ironic if I said that running is better than just walking. Running isn’t just moving a little faster but there is something here that resonates with you and gets you moving. It’s no secret that running is really healthy. In fact, studies have shown that exercise can help us extend our life by several years.

When it comes to running, most people will tell that they like to see a lot of new scenery while also being able to relax while jogging through an unfamiliar course.

Located in California is the “Sequoia National Park adjacent to Kings Canyon” a place that has an extreme trail that provides one of the most spectacular wildernesses running experiences.

A wonderful canyon that has a stunning feature like granite cliffs, a powerful river, meadows, and waterfalls which allows the runners to relish the challenge of the self-guided tracks that lead from “Kings Canyon”.

Running through the western side of Sequoia helps us reach the canyon but upon western approaches, there are three trailhead areas on the western side are the Cedar Grove, the Giant Forest Area and Mineral King which can give us an extremely dramatic run because of the towering cliffs of Kings Canyon looming above.  

The giant forest also contains the most giant sequoia forest and access to some great views of the western peaks. Unlike those trails that are extreme, there’s also an easy trail for an average runner and that is the Zumwalt Meadows that provides a relatively flat trail running opportunity.

Rather than those trails, there are also loops like the Rae Lakes Loop which is known to be the most popular trail in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park, if not the entire Sierra Nevada mountain range.

This loop can be run in a single day without even getting so tired because of its spectacular scenery that unfolds around every corner that helps you replenish your strength by simply embracing the beauty of it.

On such a moment, I make sure to use my Canvas Thigh Bag when exploring spectacular wonders! It helps me enjoy most of my running through the sceneries around me. It also features an amazing design that helps me be comfortable while on the run. Occasionally, I also love using my Fashion Fanny Pack waist bag, where I can still listen to my favorite music while running and meditating at the same time!

Truly said,  the Kings Canyon is a paradise itself because of its land and water resources and the minerals that this place contains. The benefits of running associated with the greatness of kings paradise are really endearing.

Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. Running while mesmerizing the beauty of nature helps us understand the healing effects of both exercise and wilderness.  The living isn’t enough so I encourage everyone must have a taste of freedom to explore and take a long run.

Is it saying goodbye again? How time flies when we enjoy the story! As I have always done in my previous blogs, I want to share my final say to the products I have been using on these adventures. So let me share my thoughts with you.

The verdict on My Canvas Thigh Bag :

It has many functions and it can be used in many forms!

  • waist bag
  • belt bag
  • leg bag
  • Hip bag

And so much more!

How about the Fashion Fanny Pack waist bag?

  • It has a unique and cool design. These handy little fanny pack carries your cards, cash, and electronic devices hassle-free

I hope you find this gear quite useful, handy, and amazing as you marvel nature has to offer on your next running adventures! See you in my next blog!

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