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Hiking through beauties of nature!

Melissa Gabelo boot chains durable waist pack havasu falls hiking

Hiking isn’t just a vigorous walk, but an exercise to sweat out our frustrations! Hiking helps us connect with our roots to this earth. Involving oneself into the beauty of nature while hiking would change tiredness to intense joy. The vibrancy of nature overwhelms our eyes.

Nowadays people had a common interest in finding a better place to hike which in fact there's so many.  Miles away from Supai along the Havasu Creek located at Grand Canyon, Arizona is the “Havasu Falls” a place that is highly recommended for hiking because of the beauty it has to offer. This waterfall is incredibly remote and the land they’re found is on the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

This place was well known because of the unique and spectacular trails of the Grand Canyon that will lead you to “Havasu Falls” which serves us an unforgettable experience and reaping the benefits of nature. As we deeply breathe in the wilderness, the stagnant things seem to vanish.

As I’ve said a while ago before you reach the falls you have to go through the trails of “Havasu Creek” which is also majestic because of its trickle of rainwater and snowmelt water about 50 miles from Havasu Canyon. It has also the best place to rest by sighting through the distinctive turquoise color of the spring which can really give us a clarity we gain from hiking, inspiration can pour in!

Before we reach the “Havasu Falls” we could also pass by another falls which is also leading our route through it, the “Upper and Lower Navajo Falls” was also well known because of its past, before there’s only one Navajo Falls but in 2008 mudslide diverted the path of water and form a two new waterfall in its place which is probably cool and worth a stop.

All through the beauties of nature among the trails we already reach the “Havasu Falls” sitting 100 feet tall, its appearance is constantly shifting and changing because of the floods and the high mineral content of the water, which builds up the cliff over time.

Every time you're going to visit you’ll definitely see a whole new waterfall!

Havasu falls is not only popular because of its beauty but also because of the minerals that had built up around the falls. There’s also a place in the falls which you can swim behind it and explore the rocky and crevices in the cliffs. There’s also a picnic table where you can sit and enjoy viewing the beauty of the falls.

I have realized that hiking through the beauty of nature provides us a peaceful place to endear. It takes us away from the encroachment of technology into a serene wildness. Nowadays nature is more civilized that society. If we could all just have a passion for hiking we could impart the best finds in nature into the culture we live in.

All of us have a part of protecting the beauty of nature even if you're not hiking or exploring through it. Let’s help one another and be mindful of the future of our wilderness and encourage action. A positive outlook can be done with one idea and that one idea can be manifested on a single hike.

On the other hand, these beautiful experiences would be useless if I don’t have a reliable and Durable Waist Pack, it is very practical and multi-functional. I have no problem carrying important things which I have to reach out from time to time!



I also want to mention how I love using my Boot Chains. It practically helped me a lot especially on those hard to climb areas! I will suggest that if you are serious about hiking and walking during the winter, you really should get a good pair of boot chains. Those sturdy chains and spikes give you traction like a mountain goat. Heavy rubber frame also holds the chain securely to your boot. I am indeed thankful for the creative minds behind this product!

Yet again, it is time to end this wonderful story, but let me first give a verdict on the tools and gears I have just mentioned using.

My Verdict on ‘Durable Waist Pack’:

  1. It is water resistant with nice Oxford fabric and quality ABS buckle.
  2. Small and compact, I have no problem carrying it anywhere with ease.
  3. It is perfect for just anything! With an adjustable shoulder strap, the bag can be used as a waist pack or single shoulder bag.
  4. Perfect for jogging, walking, cycling, hiking, camping, travel, mountain, trekking, outdoor sports, even on holidays!

And on the ‘Boot Chains’:

  1. Sturdy chains and spikes give you traction like a mountain goat. You will find this fun and comfy to use.

  2. Heavy rubber frame holds the chain securely to your boot. This is a must for an adventure seeker!

There it is, I hope you find these tools helpful for your next hiking adventures.

See you again on my next blog! Until then, happy adventuring!

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