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Adventure in Cave Wonders

Melissa Gabelo

People born of adventure like me are always thinking of trying something new, and nobody will argue with that. I highly recommend picking cave adventures and including them on your bucket list.  It may be dangerous going inside a cave without any guide who has every experience needed, but then, an adventurer will truly agree that it is still a must try, out of curiosity of course. Plus the fact that the fun and excitement it would bring to any person is worth everything.

There’s a special place that never leaves my bucket list and I want to share it to everyone because of its popularity and awesome reviews. It’s an underwater cave located in the Philippines settled in the beautiful island of Puerto Galera. The place is a tourist destination and known for its underwater caves, beautiful beaches with smooth white sand.  There’s a ton of activities to choose from. Activities includes, but not limited to underwater cave adventure, snorkeling and many more. You must be prepared for an exciting adventure!

First of all, it is really important to condition your body in order for you to do such necessary thing like going inside a tiny entrance of a cave. You should also be prepared when it comes to outfitting because there are some instances that a sharp rock may cut through your pair of shoes and can seriously make you injured. You should always stick with your guide and carefully follow instructions if you don’t have any experiences of going inside or outside a cave.

First things first, you have to go through a trail of sharp rocks before you reach the entrance to the cave. Be sure to bring your Boot Chains to gear up with your favorite hiking boots or shoes! Also keep in mind to safely put on your Head Lamp or Flashlight for your protection because there is only a small cave opening that serves as the entrance to reach the hidden underwater cave. Going inside the underwater cave is so extreme that you have to crawl just to get inside the beautiful underwater cave.

As I have mentioned, Puerto Galera has plenty of activities to offer..
They’re known not only for their underwater cave adventure but also for other activities such as cliff diving, snorkeling and many more. To experience this kind of adventure is a treasure. After what I have seen on my first visit, the nostalgia feeling was still there and it’s so strong even when I get back home, I’ve told myself I have to go back again soon.After reaching inside the underwater cave tiredness will be washed away by the beauty of warm light entering through the tiny holes of the cave.  But your adventure isn’t finished yet until you go out of the cave because it’s the only way out and while it was difficult moving in, going out is more  tricky and exciting!

There is a thing though that every adventurer, when exploring caves, must understand. We should  avoid disturbing cave animals. Cave dwelling species of bats are important for pest management and pollination of plants.They are particularly vulnerable to human interference when they are hibernating, and when they are bringing up their young. The best thing to do is stay out of bat caves when they are in use. Be mesmerized by the beauty, appreciate and preserve!

Well, we have reached the end of my story again, I will bid my farewell, but that’s not a goodbye, rather, it will open new doors for me to plan where I would explore wonders again and share them to the rest of the world. See you again soon!

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