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My Night Light...

Melissa Gabelo boracay island lava lamp

Night time seems to be lonely for some, but no, it’s actually really fun! There are different activities that could be only appreciated at night. Even staying in a tent outside the house with a Himalayan Salt Lava Lamp as light that can be beautiful and cozy enough and enjoyable. But there are more to do in this beautiful beach than just stay at your tent for the rest of your vacation. Let me tell you why.

The best spot for night time..

A place near the beach for me is the best spot for night activities.  I’ve known one place which is really popular because of its tropical island paradise strewn with powdery white sand. No one can deny that after visiting the paradise like island of “Boracay” in the Philippines. It’s a small island in the Visayas that has been closed for several months, but reopened to be as beautiful and perfect as it was when the Spaniards first came to discover it. With lukewarm waters and an ambiance of a joyful paradise. You can have a crazy night out in Boracay by enjoying the activities that it has to offer.

Everything starts with a bonfire...

Making a bonfire makes us think of different activities. This flame of light symbolizes that activity should start. Circling on its bright flame is the best way to do the activities. Gazing into its flame for me has that endearing feeling that can end anxiety and feel relax so why not make the most out of it and have fun!

Stargazing time!!

Opening my eyes through the wide sky while chasing the twinkling stars makes me feel like I’m free and safe. Observing it together with my loved ones is a dream of every people. Doing this activity in a place like Boracay is truly the best because it has a sky full of a constellation of stars and also the moon that is around one-fourth size of the earth. And of course, having my Binoculars in hand adds to that feeling of being free and close to nature and the universe itself!

Sing along.....

The sound waves of the sea and the rhythm of the winds that whisper to my ears makes me feel like they want me to join with them in singing. Singing throughout the night is an activity which is relaxing where we can release all the emotions that we’re hiding. Singing with your heart out at night connects the mind with heart and the heart with the soul.

Night activities aren’t just having fun and excitement but also you need to make a time to slip out from the crowd and find a place near to the beach with someone you’ve known for a long time or someone you love the most and have a little chat with them.  Talking with our loved ones during at night is the best time for me alongside the beach it is because the ambiance of the sea can make two people to calm down whether if they’re having a bad conversation or not.

Boracay really is an ideal place to relax to share your story but being here is like living your life to the fullest. After that night I could probably tell that the real light of the night is the activities that are being done by each of the people who had a great love with each other.

I hope everybody can visit this picture perfect island and wonder why it’s popularity spread across continents. Hope to share more of this place to you too in the future. In the meantime, I need to savour the moment with a loved one, no place else, here at the beach! See you again soon!

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