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Norway Camping

Melissa Gabelo

A  Breathtaking Camping Experience…

Doing nothing is boring, this is why growing up I was fortunate that I have the guts to go to extreme trails, hiking through steep mountains and probably camping on the edge of it. Sure of having dirty clothes or insect bites but the memories of being together camping on the edge of every mountain is worth it.

I would like to suggest a place for you to go when you plan on camping. This is my favorite and breathtaking camp. The place is called the “Trolltunga” because of the rock formation compared to a trolls tongue situated about 1,100 meters above sea level in the municipality of Odda in Hordaland county, Norway.  It is a national icon and a major tourist attraction for the region. Before you reach the camp, first you must hike a 23km trail. The trails in here are so extreme that every avid traveler would like to experience and also there are other travelers who are also with you when you go into the trails.

There’s every challenge on every step you’re going to make slippery snow or mud, a bare rock or probably a cliff but it is totally worth it especially because I was using my favorite Boot Cleats and my Slip-resistant Half Gloves, no reason for me to give up to this awaiting adventure! At first 2km of this trail, you may have a hard time because your stamina may not be able to make the rest of the 23 km hike but if you’re just focused and relax and love what you’re doing in order to reach the camp you’ll be able to do it. Keeping that in mind to reach our goal truly important.  There are stone steps and ropes along the way that will guide your foot and as you go higher you’ll start to see the beautiful blue glacial waters of “Ringedalsvatnet Lake”.

When the trails already come upon some large rock and water pools it is a sign that you’re already at Trolltunga where you can camp have some food and get that picture of your Instagram that you’ve been waiting for. Rest assured that there were tons of travelers who are also enjoying the view and also stepping out onto the famous Instagram-able feature of it was the rock formation that is compared to a troll’s tongue which is for me the best out of alls.  Camping there for me was so enchanting. Waking up having a look at beautiful scenery at the top of rock formations could be as cool as flying above the skies.

Having experiences camping on such a rare place like Trolltunga is really adequate advice. It is like having a “YOLO ” experience that really unforgettable. Taking the picture on top of the rock formation is not only the reason to be there but the beauty of nature and the irreplaceable moment being with your friend or someone you love. Camping isn’t just something that you choose where to sleep but we should do this to find ourselves and to put our senses in order!

What more can I say? Indeed it is such an amazing and full fun pleasure adventure and it thrills me to share them with you too! I always thank the people behind those beautiful and useful tools that made every adventure possible and exciting! So before I bid goodbye, I want to highlight those mentioned tools I’ve used.

My Slip-resistant Half Gloves verdict:

  1. It is made of Genuine Leather Material, protect your hands and give yourself a better grip.
  2. Perfect for fun full adventure and daily task usage.
  3. Cool design!

I’ll say goodbye for now, but I’ll see you again soon! Thanks and happy adventuring!

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